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Malay Education

Location - Matraville Public School
Corner of Bunnerong and Beauchamp Rd,
Matraville (Entrance via Beauchamp Rd)

Time - 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Every Saturday except school holidays

School Co-ordinators

Religious Teacher: Hj. Alias Osman (Nanang)
Bahasa: Cikgu Noriah & Cikgu Shah

Maan's Mission:

MAAN's dream was to one day provide a school for our members and their families to learn the Malay language and Islam (Ugama). Over the duration of five years, the MAAN members were able to establish a school and see such a dream become a reality.

On September 5th 1992, MAAN School proudly opened its 'doors'. Registration day saw the attendance of over 20 people. Due to the generosity of the members, we were able to collect enough money to buy books, pencils and other stationeries. Ms Hawati Bokhari, a Singapore Educator, was kind enough to donate an assortment of Malay workbooks and Story books to allow for the speedier establishment of Bahasa Melayu classes. This allowed for the use of Bahasa Melayu texts as a basis for bahasa lessons in the classes.

Since the establishment of the school, MAAN has been recognised by the government and consequentially an annual grant is given to MAAN by the Department of Education and Training (DET) NSW government to help with the running of the school.

MAAN would like to express their gratitude to the parents and friends who spent a great deal of their time every Saturday to ensure the success of the school. Saturday afternoon is a very important day for MAAN members; not just because of the school but it has become a day of gathering where members would meet kampong style, to catch up on the events in Malaysia and Singapore as well as Australia, and in our own lives. There are newspapers from Singapore and Malaysia available for those yearning for news from abroad.

Best of all are the Malay kuehs (cakes) kindly donated by members. This is looked forward to by many of our members and is considered the most exciting part of the afternoon.

MAAN always welcome new faces to participate in our school activities. We now have Malay cultural dance classes, Dikir Barat classes, storytelling and authentic kampong games for the children. Anyone interested is more than welcome to participate. The success of our school depend on the dedication of its members. We pray that your dedication and contribution will one day be rewarded, Insya'allah.

If you would like to participate in the School activities, please contact us by sending an email to : admin@malay.org.au