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We are a group of dancers based in Sydney who are proud to share our Malay heritage with our community. Our name derives from a mix between the Bahasa word for dance - "menari" - and the organisation that allowed us to meet each other - the Malay Australian Association of Australia (M.A.A.N). MAANari would like to thank Rudy Khairudin for the choreography of these traditional dances. Performances:

  • Malaysia Festival 2012
  • Taste of Sydney 2013
  • Taste of Melbourne 2013
  • Story of Malaysia at Circular Quay Custom’s House 2013
  • Cinta Ria opening 2013
  • Malaysia Festival 2014
  • University of Sydney 2014
  • Malaysia Festival 2015
Dances we perform include,

Welcome Dance ("Selamat Datang")

This dance uses traditional equipment such as bunga telur (flowers given out at weddings) and percussive vases to welcome your guests with pomp and ceremony. The MAANari dancers are proud of their mixed heritage - like the costumes in this dance, we come from states all over Malaysia and Singapore but now call Australia our home.


The Joget is a style of dance originating in Malacca in southern Malaysia. It was influenced by Portuguese dance styles that came with foreign traders. It is a partner dance and represents the teasing nature of courtship. This Joget uses music from Kelantan, another state in Malaysia.


The Asyik is a royal court dance of Kelantan. The story of its origin is that royal handmaidens came up with the dance to entertain a a member of the royal family who had lost their beloved pet bird. As such, the dancers maintain a light, floating grace and imitate bird movements.


This is a dance of Indonesian origin, and is performed as a way of storytelling. The Srikandi are beautiful but dangerous women warriors that both entice and threaten. Traditionally, this Javanese dance tells a story involving Indonesian folk heroes, but today MAANari would simply like to introduce you to the Srikandi warrior women.